Best Craft IPA from Maine – RESULTS!

Sunday January 27th, 2019 by merrygodown

Our first Maine craft IPA blind taste test is done and the judges have spoken!

Our team got 15 of the best IPAs from Maine and enlisted 10 craft beer loving judges to try them all and find the best in a blind taste test.

Each beer was placed in a neutral container and each judge was able to sample each beer as many time as needed. The judges then ranked each beer from 1 to 15 (1 being the best) and then submitted the scores. All the scores were totaled up and beer with the lowest score was declared the winner.

Here are the results:

  1. Foundation Epiphany
  2. Saco River Hornets Nest
  3. Goodfire Waves
  4. Definitive Behind the Light
  5. Battery Steele Flume2
  6. Austin Street Florens
  7. Marsh Island Pulp Truck
  8. Banded Daikaiju
  9. Bissel Brothers Swish
  10. Lone Pine T-Shirt Cannon
  11. Orono Tublar
  12. Fore River Estuary
  13. SoMe Apostrophe
  14. Maine Beer Company Dinner
  15. Mast Landing Perpetual Rewind

Congratulations to Foundation, Saco River and Goodfire!

These winning IPAs will move on and compete with the winners from the NH, VT and MA contests for the right to claim the title of best IPA in New England!

If your favorite brewery or IPA was not in the contest or did not do as well as you would have expected, don’t worry, we will being doing this again in the future!

Congratulations to all the breweries that we represented because all the of beers were fantastic. It was very hard for the judges to rank them, they were all so good and the results were very close!

We are very lucky to live in a part of the US where there are so many great breweries and beers! Keep up the great work!