Best of CT/RI Search Begins

Monday April 29th, 2019 by merrygodown

We’re already looking forward to the next chapter in our journey; the Best IPAs from Connecticut and Rhode Island! As with the previous states (New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont), we’re looking for the top 15 breweries to forth an IPA to subject a blind tasting. The top 3 winners will represent their state in the Championship to be held later this summer!

As always, we are reaching out to the local experts to nominate their favorites. Here are the only stipulations:

  • IPAs only – this includes Doubles and Triples (fyi- New England style IPAs rank best)
  • No “Limited” Series – the IPA must be part of a brewery’s regular brew rotation and readily available at the time of the Tasting.
  • IPA Must be available in cans

Sizes doesn’t matter! Though many of the top IPAs so far have been from the smallest brewers, some have also come from some significant operations. So, big, small, underground or nationally recognized, if it’s from Connecticut or Rhode Island and you love it, let us know!

So, who’s your favorite brewery? Your top 3? Your top 15?!

Comment with your picks and we’ll announce our list as we get closer to the Best of Connecticut and Rhode Island IPA Blind Tasting by Merry Go Down.